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Then she turned to Alberto and raised her eyebrows. Then he stood up, pulled his sweat-pants down, and showed it to her.

She wondered where all their cum had gone inside her ass, because she didn't feel it running down her leg yet. When he pulled out, she had to hold her ass-cheeks together for fear of something coming out with his dick.

Half way through medical school, she hadn't minded at first, as the rent was cheap and she could spend more of her Hispanic charity grants on her car and clothes. But when she felt it stretch her out, and dig deep into her ass, she groaned with the intense pleasure of it. But now I gotta get home and wash up." They all looked stunned at what had just happened, and regarded her with ... "I can't believe you took all of that," Shawn breathed. " "Yeah, well the shows over." She raced out of there, trying not to be conspicuous, and holding her ass together It would all want to come out eventually, but she would hold her prize inside her for as long as she could. But she had not even been able to enjoy that, as she was working and schooling her ass off. Miami was too expensive to live in, and she was eager to return home to New Mexico where she was born. When he pulled out, she thought she was going to shit, but she didn't.

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