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5.1 The Account is strictly for personal use and can not be transferred to third parties.6.1 The Password and User Name are strictly personal and may not therefore be transferred to third parties.1.6 Account: the User’s personal registration with Shoshoro N.1.7 Virtual Credit Balance: the money that the User can use exclusively via the Website to be able to procure the services of the Performer.At the same rime the personality of Gemini woman is immensely communicative, she is a good friend and listener, it is very comfortable and nice to spend time with her.

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A Houston mother made a terrifying discovery after she learned that someone had hacked into a webcam in her daughters' bedroom and had been streaming everything online.

A Virtual Credit Balance can be obtained by the User making payments in the manner specified on the Website.

11.3 This Virtual Credit Balance can not be transferred to third parties or used in any other way by, for example, procuring services or goods from other parties.

The User shall never be refunded a Virtual Credit Balance that is not used.

If you think that you could possibly be shocked or offended by seeing any of the live video streams, we advise you to look at them no further.

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