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Mister Brewok’s real name is Fariz Gamal, a Jakarta resident who studies Chinese Literature at Universitas Indonesia.

But his real passion, or, more accurately, obsession, is growing facial hair.

After appearing in many of Mister Brewok’s social media posts, Adri is often mistaken for Mister Brewok himself, and even Fariz has thought about making Adri the official face of the business.

Adri has since created an Instagram page with the handle @sayasibrewok (translates to “I am the bearded guy”) dedicated to documenting his impeccable symbol of manhood.

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A month later, he finally had a girlfriend and soon began his new business venture.“I didn’t want to admit it at first because I was embarrassed for people to know that I’d been using supplements.”On February 2016, Adri ordered six bottles of minoxidil, each of which costs Rp 150,000 (approx. He routinely applied the supplement on his face until July, after which his face bush became so impressive that he was invited to appear in a video interview for Mister Brewok’s Youtube channel to talk about his beard growth success.Now, Adri enjoys a somewhat modest celebrity status on social media.Long considered a sign of masculine virility, they are also encouraged for men in the Muslim faith.Those two factors, in combination with But, like the males of many other Asian countries, men in Indonesia are genetically predisposed against being able to grow full facial hair, meaning many have been forced to settle for wispy whiskers instead of dense follicular foliage.

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