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First there was cushioning, a word used to describe a relationship where something is going wrong, then we had benching and ghosting - though this is now known as breadcrumbing, apparently. Well prepare to become even more so, as now "stashing" is on the rise - and it's not a good thing.

This latest dating phenomenon (we use that term very loosely) happens at the stage during a relationship when you're pretty much "official", reports Metro.

"I have apologised to Sam personally and I will not be taking part in anything remotely as stupid as this again." In response, Bumble penned a scathing open letter and banned Michael from using the app.

We've got all the news around the minefield of online dating.

Samantha, 23, from London, connected with Michael on Bumble - a Tinder-style app where the woman has to send the first message.

But The Tab reports that after she said hello, the charmer's response was to send a photo of another woman and say that Samantha could look as good as her if she hit the gym.

After blocking him and reporting him to Bumble, Samantha added: "It is really not okay for a guy to speak like that and that is why I put it on social media.Michael, who now claims the messages were sent by drunk friends, went on to say that he was a 10/10 while Samantha was a "five or six." The pig added that stunning Samantha seemed "desperate", and that he'd gladly sleep with her if only she worked out a bit more.Samantha had recently broken up with her ex, and she said the encounter with Michael had knocked her confidence just when she needed a boost.It has been fantastic." Michael has since come forward to tell the Tab: "Me and my friends were highly intoxicated and decided to take each other's phones and write messages to matches on each other's bumble."They were mostly funny and harmless but in this case it was extremely rude, belittling and insulting.

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