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These products are sold so that each man can be paid a salary to toe used in the upkeep of his ov/n home. This work is carried on by the [Brooklyn Association for Improving jthe Condition of the Poor, of 104 'Lavingston street. Theatre Part^ I For the Blind Jhree Nights The Benefit Perf ormances i for- Eben P. ' There is little more that can be* said about the Industrial Home for the Blind Theatre Party tomorrow night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night at Werba's Broolilyn Theatre. At this institution, built in 1895, blind men are taught the arts of mat- making, chair-caneing, weaving and brpom-making. MAN¥ BENEFIT PARTIES SCHEDULED FOR MARCH— JH^DUSTRIAL HOME FO p RT TTSjp ^"1 act of kindness or anything that promotes the happiness and ^well-being' of other persons ' beside ourselves is somethin^s^ which each and' everyone should strive for. They cane chairs, string ;tennis racquets, make brushes and I baskets and other articles at the I booth of the Exchange and Training i School for the Blind.

When the dinner was well under way Kena Klein, on« of the stars of the Blind Players' Club, delivered a beautiful oration, "The Little Trees at Christmas," which ended up in its last stanza by the entire horus singing "Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem." I There were two tables of guests in addition to the girls from the bureau.

.(ohn Schumann^, j Preiltfdf-e of New Play .^■^' 'Selected as Benefit i For Industrial Home for Blind.

th* Society r»»* of the v'day herewith do«» -hfre: * Box Holder!

Connelley, the Women's Auxiliary, Holy Child Jesus Church; Richmond Hill Capter, O. Recently there has been oi-ganized a men's club to aid the home, with Dr. Jh.j entire affair was under the immediate direction of Miss Beatrix Ori Bwold. As tlie blind girls and women filed two by two from the recep- tion hall to the dining room, a s of twenty of their sightless paiig "Silent Night." Cathe- iiii- Lf William C. The play is entitled "The Frame-Up" and promises to prove a treat for theatergoers.

The Flushing unit of the workers for the Blind, with Mi\s. Ella Converse as chairman of the welfare committee, sent baskets of fruit and candy. HOLIDAY PARTY FOR BUND IS ^STPONED BY STORM ''■Q^^Christma.s party for the blind, ■^ performance at the Academy of Mubic each Spring.. 'Collier, is the choice, as it will open jin this boro before going to Manhat- tan.

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