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Normally the scents I associate with intimacy or femme fatale power have some kind of "dirty" vibe to them a la cumin, patchouli, oud, oily fumes, civet, honey, etc. I can wear it to work even tho I have to sit close to people's faces but I wanna save the feeling for special occasions and also don't want people to associate this smell with my office cuz they're scared of my profession and hate coming to me anyway. Rush, really stands out from the crowd, the gardenia and freesia blend so well together and with the peach and patchouli, the base notes lend an earthy/unisex vibe. I am also a huge VHS collector and have to say I love the bottle :p The silage is pretty great, I will update later on longevity. To me this is rather soft, has a vintage scent to it, and reminds me of something my mom wore when I was a child.

I don't associate sweet fruit, especially peaches with anything sexy. As someone else mentioned in their review, it's like a crazy on acid peach. To me this is mainly about a soft white floral with the patchouli being the next note I pick up, I also pick up the coriander, and the vetiver rounds this out to give a Fall and a slight little woodsy/earthy vibe.

It said:"I don`t conform, I stand out from the crowd".

I can not possibly imagine Rush packaged in another bottle, the packaging and the scent fit like a glove. If you want common and familiar, this is not for you.

The intensive red bottle has the shape of a video cassette tape, a very unusual and modern design.

Do I also need to mention the 24h longevity and sillage?

I was used to, like most of us, to the pretty glass elegant bottles, this was not.

This red rectangle was bold, unique, different, original, fearless, strong, opinionated, rebellious, daring and so was the juice inside.

Corriander, vanilla and patchouli emphasize the oriental character and uniqueness of this fragrance.

The top notes are gardenia and freesia; the heart is created of jasmine, Turkish rose and coriander, the drydown unites vanilla, patchouli and vetiver.

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