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He pointed out that Sidi Lakhdar Ben Khloof was a poet and a historical figure who is not affiliated with Sufism.According to Sheikh Hassani Hassan of the Qadiriyya Sufi fraternity, foreign intrusions in Algeria take many forms.For forty two years the Libyans have been trying in vain to break free from Gaddafi's dictatorial grip, but somehow the events always succeed to circumvent.

This seemed to connect with the events in Tunisia, but Gaddafi instead responded by ordering a curfew on his own forces and gave them strict orders not to intervene.It is this which has driven regional elders and scholars to take urgent action and demand an end to the repeated targeting of the national religious authority by foreign forces.They insist that the cult should be listed alongside the Shia and Ahmediyya sects as a threat to mainstream Sunni thought, especially as practiced in Algeria.During the third episode of the popularised uprising, Facebook's designated "" military bases emptied of weapons, and government offices, police stations and vehicles set on fire; with the government responding with more fire, snipers and tanks.In a matter of days, the peaceful uprising swiftly grew into a gruesome rebellion, where protesters and foreign infiltrators quickly became known as "" (متمردون) by the world's media – long before the UN ordered the bombing of Libya to protect its "unarmed civilians".

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