Consolidating data in excel workbooks my computer is not updating

How do you merge multiple Excel worksheets into one master worksheet, The file I’m working with, which you can download here or at the end of this post, is for a fake used car dealership that sells the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix and Toyota Camry.

There are 30 employees and three separate worksheets (one for January, February and March), each containing the total cars sold that month per employee, per car. The best way to learn is to practice yourself, so click the link below to download the Excel 2010 workbook used to show the methods described in this post.

You can download and use our merge macro or Add-In.

Combining few sheets manually is possible but combining too many sheets manually is not possible every-time.

To merge by position and not category, leave the “Top Row” and Left Column” check boxes empty. Click the first cell in the first spreadsheet to be merged, and then drag the cursor over all cells to merge.

The reference is updated with the selected cells in the Reference field of the Consolidate Data dialog box.

Once added to MS Excel it does not required any authentication and Add-In menu options will be available all the time.

If you manage data in multiple Excel spreadsheets, you can use the Consolidate Data wizard to merge data from several spreadsheets or workbooks into one master sheet.

If you are required to repeat this task very frequently then you should download the Excel Add-In.Click the file, and then click “OK.” The file path is added to cell references for the merge.This is why having all spreadsheets open in a single workbook simplifies the process.The Consolidate Data wizard enables you to merge data by cell position or by category name.If all of the spreadsheets use the same category headings, you can merge data by category name regardless of where the categories and data are located on the spreadsheets.

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