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Dors impressed in small roles in two further comedies It's Not Cricket (1949) and A Boy, a Girl and a Bike (1949).

Rank promoted Dors to leading roles in 1949's Diamond City, a commercially unsuccessful story of a boom town in South Africa in 1870. Better received was Dance Hall (1950), as one of the four female leads.

Lippert offered her a one-picture deal on condition she divorced Hamilton. She gained a second offer from Burt Lancaster for a lead role in his His Majesty O'Keefe (1954), but this time Hamilton turned down the part on her behalf before she even knew of the offer.

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In 1954, Hamilton had the idea of exploiting the newly printed technology of 3D.

She lodged at the Earls Court YWCA, and supplemented her £2 per week allowance, most of which was spent on her lodgings, by posing for the London Camera Club for one guinea (£1.05) an hour.

Signed to the Gordon Harbord Agency in her first term, she won a bronze medal, awarded by Peter Ustinov, and in her second won a silver with honours.

Following her return to LAMDA, she graduated in spring 1947 by winning the London Films Cup, awarded to LAMDA by Sir Alexander Korda.

She timed her return to Swindon to visit her parents, with the local release of The Shop at Sly Corner.

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